Shaking Change For Good - Early Education Hub Fundraiser



Q: Why does it cost so much?

A: Unfortunately, this is the cost of building these days! 

This 555m2 purpose designed building will provide a safe, easy to use facility that caters to the needs of the young children in our community. While we have future proofed where possible, there are no extravagances.   

Q: Why isn't insurance paying for this? 

A:  Due to age of the buildings and history of the area the current buildings are un-insurable for earthquakes. A new facility built to code will be insurable and unlikely to sustain significant damage.

Q: Why aren't we repairing the buildings?

A: In South Marlborough we are an active community. After years of fundraising we opened the the Preschool in 2013. Within months the Seddon Earthquakes occurred.  As a community we dug deep and we fixed the old buildings. Multiple fundraisers for multiple, uninsurable, old buildings.

After the 2016 earthquakes the Plunket building was red stickered and demolished. Leaving us with two very lovely, but damaged, uninsurable buildings to deal with.

After an extensive feasibility study and pricing, our community has decided it is not sensible to spend the money repairing non-insurable buildings. 

It makes sense to work together, to create community and efficiency while supporting diversity in the services available.

Q: Who will own the building?

A: The building will be owned by a not for profit community trust on behalf of the community- the Awatere ECE Hub Trust (Early Childhood Education).