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Our Story


Here we are, over 2 years since the earth shook. 

The South Marlborough communities of Seddon, Ward, Kekerengu and Clarence have shared, rebuilt, laughed and cried.

Our lives changed.

Our community united. 

Our journey to recover stability has been worthwhile and rewarding.

The schools in Seddon and Ward are the heart of our community. The schools are well through the process of rebuilding, so our focus has now turned towards our youngest children.  

We need a safe environment to take us sustainably into the future.Say something interesting about your business here.


Our Aim

How you can help us

Our Story

The services for our littlies have been reduced, but we are hanging in there. 

We see the future in working together.  

Simultaneously strengthening our community, our whanau and our services.

This way we can preserve the different services that provide for the diverse needs of tamariki and whanau within this community.

The Awatere Early Childhood Education Hub (ECE Hub) will provide a home for Awatere Flaxbourne Plunket, Awatere Playcentre and the Awatere Early Learning Centre. 

Health, education, care and whanau support from different services - all within one modern building. What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


How you can help us

How you can help us

How you can help us

Father of two and ECE Hub Trust Chair, Phil Muir says “I am excited to see the fundraising start after years of repair talks and extensive community consultation. A united Hub provides a greater facility for our community, now and in the future"

So we are now asking for your help. 

This facility will provide early childhood services for the whole of Southern Marlborough.

These service's are essential  Marlborough's social fabric, and we are asking the business community to support this appeal.

Show your support for the Marlborough community with a commitment and investment to education and childcare.

Support your employees transition back to work in the community.Give customers a reason to do business with you.